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Hola Bonjour translation tool


Hola Bonjour phrasebook is the only offline phrasebook that allows users to ask questions in a foreign language and receive an answer in their native language. A unique split screen format allows two users to communicate in any combination of languages in one app download.
Simply point your device in the direction of the person you want to ask a question to allowing them to respond by tapping an answer without the difficulty of pronouncing phrases or learning a new language.
No internet connection is required, so it is ideal to use when in rural locations, or in emergencies.
Hola Bonjour: The essential tool for any traveller!
Languages Currently Provided
ChineseSpanishFrenchGermanItalian English
No Internet connection neededUnique split screen designMultiple language combinations in one appAbility to input numerical values, dates and times into an answerNo adverts or pop ups